Micro Grant Application

Join the Celebration of Community and Connection! 🎉

Are you inspired to unite people and nurture community bonds? Have you got an idea to enhance connections within the Jewish community in Southern Arizona? We're excited to hear your thoughts!

Our Community Engagement Microgrants are designed to celebrate creativity, strengthen friendships, and honor our rich culture. Whether you're interested in hosting a traditional Shabbat dinner, a movie night with a Jewish theme, or any other gathering, we're here to help bring your idea to life.

Why Apply?

🌟 Embrace Your Creativity: Engage in a variety of activities, from lively game nights and Shabbat dinners to Passover Seders, happy hours, and nature hikes. Let your imagination guide you!

🤝 Foster Meaningful Connections: Create welcoming spaces where people can connect, share experiences, and cultivate a sense of belonging.

💡 Be an Inspiration: Your concept might be the catalyst for new friendships, a sense of community, and enhanced vibrancy in our communal life!

💰 Receive Financial Support: Apply for a microgrant of up to $100 to transform your vision into a successful event!

Who Can Apply?

Any member of the Southern Arizona Jewish community passionate about fostering connections and sharing ideas for events that can unite us. No need to be a cultural expert – just a commitment to bringing people together is enough.

How Does It Work?

Just fill out our application form with your event idea. If selected, post your event on connect.jewishtucson.org and you'll receive a reimbursable microgrant to help make it happen. To get reimbursed, simply submit a brief report, some photos of your event, and your receipts. A staff person will reach out to you with a reimbursement form if your event is approved. If upfront costs are a barrier, please mention this in your application, and our team will assist you.

What are you waiting for? Transform your ideas into reality, forge new friendships, and inject joy into our community. Apply now and let's celebrate our connections!

📅 We accept applications continuously and are keen to support your ideas.

Together, let's enhance the vibrancy, engagement, and inclusivity of the Southern Arizona Jewish community.

For additional information on the microgrant process and guidelines, please click here →

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