History and Board of Trustees

Discover the visionary leaders who shaped the rich history and strategic direction of JPSA and meet our esteemed Board of Trustees

1947: Growth and Impact of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona

In 1947, the Jewish community of Southern Arizona was organized to help sustain and improve the lives of people in Southern Arizona, Israel and around the world, initially through the efforts of the Tucson Jewish Community Council. As Tucson and its environs expanded, so did the work of the Council, aligning with the Jewish Federation of North America and becoming known as the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona (JFSA).

1989: Decentralization and the Birth of Beneficiary Agencies in Southern Arizona's Jewish Community

In 1989, separate “Beneficiary Agencies” were established to provide direct services to members of our community, while preserving the core activities of JFSA as the “central address” for the Jewish community. JFSA remained focused on conducting the Annual Campaign to assist in funding the Beneficiary Agencies and serving as the convener, planner and spokesperson for the Jewish community. During this period, the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona (JCF) and the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) were established.

2022: The Dawn of Jewish Philanthropies of Southern Arizona - A New Chapter of Collaboration and Efficiency

In 2022, the Jewish community of Southern Arizona began a new chapter when JFSA and JCF were brought under the auspices of Jewish Philanthropies of Southern Arizona (JPSA). JPSA builds on the Jewish community’s 75-year history, serving as the coordinating body for fundraising, philanthropy, planning, and communal services. This new structure provides increased efficiency, collaboration, resource-sharing, and community building, while maintaining the distinct roles of the Federation and Foundation.

We Stand on Their Shoulders

To learn more about the history of Tucson’s Jewish community, visit us and explore We Stand on Their Shoulders, an exhibit that celebrates the individuals who played a critical role in the creation of our community from 1930s to the present.  

Click here to view Tucson JEWCOPEDIA, an online compilation of the individuals who have participated in building our vibrant Jewish community in Southern Arizona.

Board Members

JPSA’s Board of Trustees serves as a governance body for both the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona. Its creation was approved at the Annual Meeting on May 13, 2021.


Jeff Artzi, Chair

Susan Jacobson

Lisa Lovallo

Isaac Rothschild

Ben Silverman, Secretary/Treasurer

Liz Kanter Groskind, Immediate Past Chair


Andrew Comrie

Julie Feldman

Elizabeth Friman

Danny Gasch

Leah Geistfeld

Ron Grant

Anne Hameroff

Andy Kunsberg

Emily Lazarus

Jacob Meyer

Donna Moser

Stephen Rodgveller

Steve Rosenberg

Aaron Rottenstein

Scott Sheftel

Sarah Singer

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