Jewish Community Ecosystem

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Jewish Ecosystem of Southern Arizona

What is the Jewish Ecosystem?

The Jewish Ecosystem is an interconnected team of professionals and volunteers from our synagogues, organizations, and agencies, working together to identify and address community-wide priorities.

JPSA guides the Jewish Ecosystem of Southern Arizona – encouraging community collaboration and strategic planning to ensure our shared Jewish future.

Ecosystem Areas

Through idea and resource sharing, the Ecosystem strengthens our community so we continue to grow and thrive. The Ecosystem belongs to and is comprised of our entire Jewish community.

Jewish Education
Identifying and developing resources to support a network of Jewish learning in our community.
Jewish Engagement
Promoting a vibrant, involved, and inclusive Jewish community.
Caring for Others
Focusing on support for aging adults, this group identifies ways to combat loneliness, encourage healthy aging, and connect our community members with programs, resources, and each other.
Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World)
Promoting justice, fairness, respect, and civil discourse to strengthen our community and repair the world.

Our Vision

The Ecosystem is a hub for the Jewish community of Southern Arizona to think and work collaboratively to advance, build, and strengthen Jewish life today and as the community’s needs evolve. The Ecosystem acknowledges the unique role each synagogue and agency play and that we are also interconnected to one another. Success is when everyone in the community feels they belong and joining becomes an outcome of the relationships we build and nurture.

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