Professional Advisors

Helping your clients achieve their philanthropic goals

Your Clients Care Deeply About Our Community

Our legacy professionals at JCF work with you to help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals. We are pleased to partner with advisors from the legal, accounting, insurance, wealth management, and investment fields.

Benefits of Partnering with Jewish Community Foundation

JCF provides reliable service to support your clients.

Our expert team aids you and your clients in making informed investment decisions by researching and providing details about relevant charities and causes.
Our legacy experts demonstrate the highest level of discretion and professionalism.
Flexible Giving Plans
JCF offers a number of investment opportunities to meet your clients’ needs.
No Cost
Consultations with JCF are at no cost to you or your clients.

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We will be happy to partner with you.
Brenda Landau
Director of Legacy Development